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Perplexus Original | Stages 27 to 59


So you’re ready to tackle one of the first really tricky sections – the much fabled stage 30. You’ll struggle here for a while but with persevernce you’ll see where the path naturally wants to take the ball. (Our hint is to look to the purple tight rope and how you’ll get onto this – but if you really struggle at around stage 30 then have a look at our blog article on getting past this stage).

You may be intimidated by the purple Tight Rope, until you actually cross it and realise that it simply takes a steady hand. In fact getting onto the rope at speed is perhaps one of the trickier moves as it flatters to deceive.

The Pivot thrills, and the Upside-Down Drop (#41) seems impossible at first. The Ringed Turnaround at 43 requires subtlety, especially upon completion. Many players at this stage start to realize that numbers are not necessary to know where to go, and start naming the sections.

Getting through the Zig-Zags with efficiency is difficult, and riding on the serpentine “Praying Man” means you are nearly through Practice Level One. You feel good, until you drop through the Tube at 58, and fall off. Another section which becomes especially tricky at speed.