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Perplexus Original | Stages 60 to 100


OK, you’ve developed some skills and feel accomplished but you’re not quite at the higher state of consciousness that completing the puzzle requires.

There is only one more level to get through. But unlike the first two, level three has 41 challenges (level one has 26, and level two has 34).

You start out with one of the more delicate moves on the purple Railed Turnaround at 62, looking forward to the wonderfully satisfying double-sided Spiral and integrated Drop Cup just ahead. The Windup Key at 76 requires precision movement, but the second Backwards Drop is a piece of cake at 80. So much so, that sometimes you get overconfident and fall off here.

It seems to take a long time to get through Level Three, and after traversing the second half of the Praying man, you are within striking distance of 100. Too bad the drop at 98 is so difficult, especially with such little practice. Falling off here is bittersweet, but you’ll eventually get the knack.

Eventually you make it, feeling near the end of your Perplexus journey because you reach 100 for the first time. In truth, you are merely a qualified novice but fully ready to now take on the Perplexus Competition standards, and start challenging people in a Head-to-Head challenge.