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Perplexus competitions were held across the UK throughout 2010 – and we awarded prizes for fastest videoed times and also hosting a raft of competitions at pubs across London.

To be notify us of your best times for any of the Perplexus puzzles please email but in the short term note that the basic qualifying time for our competitions will be times under one minute so get practicing.

Current World Record Time from Mitch of – 12 seconds – God Save the Queen


Michael McGinnis’s previous world record.”Over the years, my own skills have waxed and waned. At one point, it was easy for me to regularly beat 15 seconds on first section (1-26). When my son was 12, he could do the first section in under 11 seconds! WOW! Well, I am training again, but this time with the goal of getting through the whole thing (1-100) in less than 1.5 minutes.”