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The Parent Tested Approved Media gave the Seal of Approval to the Perplexus Game “Epic” recently. Our wall of rewards and certificates is getting full. We are always proud to report another award that this amazing game has won and are more that pleased to have the opportunity to present this game on this market. The Seal of Approval from the Parents Media is one of the biggest product testing groups in North America. Thousands of parents put a lot of effort and time to sit down, test various products and give their opinion, suggestions, appraisals and advices. What is interesting about this group of people is that they can share their opinion about the games and it is also based on the opinion of their kids, because some of them had the chance to watch their kids play with the games and to receive a feedback from their youngsters. Parents can easily see which products are good for their kids and develop their skills. The Epic Game and the Rookie Puzzles are meant for younger kids and they both have just won another award. This one was from the Creative Child Magazine and is called 2011 Game of The Year Reward. This magazine gives the products to be tested by parent and educators as well.

Take a look at our games and choose the one that is best for your child’s age. You will not be disappointed – the Perplexus game has proven itself to be one of the best.


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