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Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine Names Top Toys

Perplexus is proud to announce that Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine has named its Top Toys and our Rookie and Epic games have made the top 3! This is one of the most influential toy awards in the industry and with 300 other toy competitors we are very pleased with the outcome. Special family toy testers go through each of the toys selected and rate them. This list is actually the most accurate as to what the hit toys will be during the holiday season, and this is why Disney releases it just as it is time to start your Holiday shopping. They have made this their tradition for the past 20 years and with this much experience their family toy testers have made it an art in selecting the toys that are loved by the public.

The Perplexus earned this high reward because of its great qualities to both stimulate the mind as well as help with hand-eye coordination. It is proven to help with cognitive development, problem solving, and the motor and dexterity skills. You have several different choices of this great puzzle ball to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy it. It will certainly be the hit gift this Holiday season so make sure that you stock up for both young and old!


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