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Disney Family Fun Toy Awards – Perplexus

Recently Disney released their top ten toys that the whole family can have fun with. With a trend away from computer games and into games and toys the whole family can use and enjoy. This year was the most eagerly awaited top ten list with some truly great products making the short list.

We have always thought that the perplexus models are a great way to get the entire family involved in some group fun and now Disney have decided to agree with the perplexus coming 3rd in the top ten.

Top 10 FamilyFun T.O.Y. Award Winners for 2011:

  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set – A classic is taken to new heights — off the floor and onto the wall! Kids will love having their cars perform stunts on a vertical surface. Mattel; $30; Ages 4 to 10

  • Meon Deluxe Animation Studio – Budding artists will enjoy exploring the possibilities this innovative art set offers. Once kids have made an illuminated creation with the glowing strands, they can play one of five games. Skyrocket Toys ; $35; Ages 5 and up

  • Perplexus Rookie and Perplexus Epic – Two versions of this toy — one for older kids and one for younger — challenge players to navigate a metal ball through a round, 360 degree maze of obstacles. PlaSmart; $20 Ages 4 to 8, $30 Ages 8 and up

    Alien Mothership 7065 – This building set is truly out of this world! Space-lovers will delight in constructing an extraterrestrial transport, complete with spooky sound effects. LEGO; $60; Ages 8 and up
    Whipple Deluxe Pastry Set – With this sweet craft kit, kids can create confections — play food, necklaces, a jewelry box shaped like a cake — that look good enough to eat. (Just don’t be tempted!) International Playthings; $35; Ages 7 and up

  • Bogo – A modern day pogo stick, Bogo offers an exceptional bounce that’s higher and smoother than young jumpers have ever experienced. Razor; $90; Ages 6 and up

  • LeapPad Explorer – With this kid-friendly tablet, little ones will enjoy emulating their parents while having fun testing out the device’s art studio, e-books, games, and video functions. LeapFrog; $100; Ages 4 to 9
  • Richard Scarry’s Busytown Busy, Busy Airport – Favorite characters are ready to visit far-flung lands in this cleverly-designed game, which has players flying round the world and collecting souvenirs. Wonder Forge; $20; Ages 3 to 7

  • Pirate Ship – Those itching to hit the high seas can get their fix by building and coloring a kid-size cardboard model ship. Land ho! Box Creations; $40; Ages 3 to 8

  • Head Shotz Twin Battle Pack – Finally, a toy that kids are supposed to wreck! This R/C set pits two robots with interchangeable battle arms against one another. Silverlit; $40; Ages 5 and up

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