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Halloween Fun with Perplexus Maze Game

Getting a headache from the kids running around during your Halloween party? We have the perfect solution, a Perplexus Maze Game competition. Whether you have an adult Halloween party or an entirely children’s gathering, there are always kids around. It gets hard to control them with all the candy in their systems and excitement around all the costumes and role play. So, why not offer them something that will surely keep them quiet and in one place at least for a while.

When things get out of control and you feel like your head is ready to explode simply take out one or two of these great puzzles. Of course the more the better, but a stopwatch will also do the trick if you have only one. Then, place all of the kid’s names in a hat and pull out each one by one to determine who goes when. Then assign someone to write down the times and someone to keep an eye on the stopwatch. Before you know it they will be working together and helping each other out with getting through the levels. You can actually have them all do one level each as some may get a bit impatient until it is their turn.

Calm things down this Halloween with the Perplexus Maze Game and get the kids working together.


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