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Keep Kids Busy with Perplexus on Lord Mayor’s Day

The Perplexus is a great way to keep eager kids busy during the breaks and waits during the Lord Mayor’s Day. The events throughout the day have several breaks which may cause the kids to get cranky, impatient, and well, hard to keep in one place. With so many people around it is easy to find yourself searching for them in the crowd if you don’t have something to keep them busy with.

This is a tradition that has lasted for over 800 years and is one of the oldest and longest civic processions in the world. With over 6,000 participants and over 3 miles long featuring acrobats, marching bands, dancers, military displays, and finally fireworks, it is easy to understand how it has been so popular over the years.

The overall procession begins at 11 am where the new Mayor of London embarks on the trip to the Royal Courts to pledge loyalty to the Crown. If all goes by plan the last of the procession will reach the Royal Courts at around 12:15 and then start back to Mansion House at 1 pm and the overall procession will end at 2:30. After that until 5 pm there is a break where visitors can go on guided walks, have tea, or enjoy the rest of the activities. Finally, at 5 pm is the beautiful fireworks show. Throughout the day there are times where there isn’t much going on, plus the children may get tired or irritable because they cannot run around, can’t see what is going on at all times, or perhaps just want to do something else. Instead of heading home make sure that you take the Perplexus along, it will keep them by your side and busy until they are ready to continue watching the activities around them.


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