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Perplexus Cheats And Tips.

Here at Perplexus’ headquarters we’ve spent a lot of time trying to find new shortcuts and ways to cheat the Perplexus’ ridiculously addictive labyrinth. If you’ve bought a Perplexus and you’re struggling to conquer it we thought we’d give you a little help.

If you, like me have tried and failed miserably to show the Perplexus who’s boss then worry no longer, there are a couple of ways in which you can skip a few steps and reclaim some dignity. These tips are for the ones amongst us who would rather cheat then be beaten by a children’s puzzle. Firstly you can skip from step 13 to step 26 simply by instead of going around the purple ledge drop down from it onto yellow step 26, this is a very basic skip but a good one none the less. The second and last tip your getting out of us is a skip from step 40 to step 88, this one is arguably even easier than the first skip but a whole load more worthwhile as after this skip you’ll nearly be at the end of the maze. To complete this skip all you need to do is instead of following step 40 round to step 41, once you get to step 40 turn the Perplexus sphere 90 degrees to the right and follow step 88 onto the end of the maze. After you have completed this you might be filled with a sense of self-achievement but remember you can’t call yourself a true Perplexus champ until you finish it from step 1 to step 100.

Even though we suggest finishing the Perplexus honestly and entirely if you have found any more cheats or skips please comment on this blog as we would love to hear about them.

For now happy perplexing.


9 Responses to Perplexus Cheats And Tips.

  1. Adam Simmer Adam Simmer says:

    I can finish the Rookie Perplexus in 2 seconds by cheating. I roll the ball onto the two rivets to the left of #46 (attached to the red rail). Roll off of the rivets onto the #46 track, then swing the ball around fast so it hops the wall at the end and goes into the track for the “winner’s dome”. Then roll into dome.

  2. Roger Tiger Roger Tiger says:

    Original Perplexus. From #21 to #66 just tip it from the ‘obstacle’ bridge (21) onto the spiral ending up at (66).

  3. Justin Justin says:

    @Adam Simmer: nice one! It took a few tries, it’s not easy, but it is fast!

    So far, my times (from the first moment I picked each one up to the moment I figured it out and finished), in order:
    Original: two weeks, playing on breaks from work
    Rookie: two hours while at work, but was then shamed by a 10-year-old girl who got it in 12 minutes
    Epic: honestly, I’d rather not talk about it

    “Cheats” are kind of a bonus challenge after you solve one. You try to find your own or attempt other’s discoveries. Can’t wait for the Twist!

  4. Jacob Treydte Jacob Treydte says:

    Heya peeps I just kicked butt on the perplexus epic finished the entire thing in 2 hours. the original took me maybe 30 minutes. FYI i did it without a single cheat move.
    I love the perplexus.

    Ps. if you are a perplexus designer id love to see one thats almost 14 inches in diameter with almost 200 steps

  5. Jacob Treydte Jacob Treydte says:

    Ok another cheat I got from 13 to 100 by going onto 14 and turning it till i dropped onto the yellow platform.

  6. PootisMan PootisMan says:

    In epic I found out that there is a legitamate shortcut from 4 to 101 the creators actualy put it in on purpose i cant figure out how to use it yet

  7. EmmaRunner33 EmmaRunner33 says:

    i need more cheats!!!! i stink at perplexus

  8. Daniel Cho Daniel Cho says:

    In the epic I can cheat easily 117-125. I roll the ball until it hits the 117 ledge because there isn’t enough spaceand make it fall down to the 116 and continue from there to the end. Also in 32 of you drop you land on 43 or ghe little crack if your lucky.

  9. Ben Ben says:

    This isn’t a cheat, but I don’t know where else to go for this. How do I do number 99 on Epic? There’s a lot of stuff in the various Perpluxus games that I find difficult to do consistently, but I always know how to do them and can do them sometimes. This one I literally can’t do at all, despite trying all kinds of stuff. I’m not even close. So there must be some aspect of it that I’m missing.

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