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Perplexus – Getting from barriers 30 to 31

So – another weekend spent taking time to get to barrier 30 out of 100 – and not getting past position 30 on anywhere near a regular basis I thought it was time to do some research. And there is was someone with more time (and likely less children) who had conquered this barrier. Take your time seems to be the only method that works well – but also leaves you well short of the minimum time needed to qualify for our 2010 Perplexus competition.


One Response to Perplexus – Getting from barriers 30 to 31

  1. Kareni Kareni says:

    Thank you! My child (& myself) were stuck on 30 trying to figure it out. I love this toy, it allows my child to think as well as learn in different ways! Again, THANKS!

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