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Perplexus Stage One Time Trial

Here at we are asking both our customers and our staff members to record their best times for completing stage one of the perplexus 3D puzzle. The inventor of the perplexus Mr. Micheal Mcginnis posted a time of 14.15 seconds which we though was very respectable but also beatable.

How quick are you?

Our resident perplexus champ Mitch was our best chance of beating the 14.15 second mark so we chucked the perplexus his way in hope he would be able to beat the american’s time.

After a few tries Mitch was struggling to keep the ball on the tracks as he was moving the perplexus and his hands at a rate of knots. We were starting to think that Mitch might not be able to beat Micheal Mcginnis’ time, but after a short amount of time steadying himself Mitch was ready to try again. Us Brits being a proud bunch were extremely keen for him to recain some national pride and post a time under 14.15 seconds, but no-one was expecting what happened next…

Mitch mangaed to ccomplete it in a world record time of 12 seconds dead, beating the previos 14.15 second record by 2.15 seconds. If you would like to see either Micheal McGinnis’ or Mitch’s attempt please go to the competions page and I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

We are calling out to anyone who has a perplexus and thinks that they are the fastest perplexer in the world to email us there videos and times.  We will post all videos on the competetion page and will be giving a prize to whoever posts the fastest times.


2 Responses to Perplexus Stage One Time Trial

  1. aoom aoom says:

    thank you.

  2. Dillon Davis Dillon Davis says:

    Sorry guys, but I, Dillon Davis, an American, have broken the record with a time of 8.10. It has been verified by Michael McGinnis and will be posted to his YouTube channel shortly. Try taking it back! I would love a challenge

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