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Perplexus Wins another Award

Perplexus is on the list of the 22 Best Toys for Kids list, published by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, or ASTRA. This rating was voted at the end of June. ASTRA representatives shared that publishing a list like that is of enormous help to parents and grandparents when they are choosing new toys for their kids from specialty stores. It also brings attention to new toys, because the media is covering the event and people are getting new information on the latest and the best toys for their kids. There were 800 contestants and the maze game made it as the 54th semi finalist. Then, ASTRA members were required to play with the games so that they could get an even better insight of what they were about. Then, they were asked to vote again. The Rookie game then made it as the 22nd finalist. This comes to show that this game has a lot to offer. Being chosen from 800 other games is a true achievement. Among other games that gained recognition are Remote Control Machines, Z-curve Ball, Cash Register and Nanoblocks. This is not the first time Plasmasmart is being honoured with a prestigious toys award.

We offer all the array of the Plasmasmart mazes. Check out our website and all the deals we have on the games. If you are looking for a good toy for your kid that will develop its motor skills – Perplexus is exactly what you are looking for.


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