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An Interview with the Perplexus Inventor

There must be something pretty special about a man who can come up with a toy that appeals to so many age groups, that is durable and visually stimulating as well as completely addictive. Well, dear readers, we can think of one such man with no problems at all, and that man is the one and only Michael McGinnis, the inventor and developer of the Perplexus. Michael is not only a sensational toy-builder-man, but also a sculptor, painter, art installation-er, and a host of other things…we’re getting tired already. We recently discovered that an interview with the great man himself had been posted on the web, so you can imagine our excitement. In said interview, Michael revealed how the development of the Perplexus was something of a dream, as he developed his long term passion of creating beautiful designs into something practical that could be enjoyed by numerous people, and thus a great business venture. With eleven siblings and thirty-three nieces and nephews, as well as two children of his own, all of whom are cut from the same creative cloth that he is, the development of his invention may have been partly a result of creating something for the people he loves, who would be harsh critics as artists themselves.
If you know Michael personally and would like to tell us some more of his juicy goss, or indeed would like to share your own ideas for a great toy, please do get in touch or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog- we always love to hear from you!

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  1. luis orozco luis orozco says:

    good night, I write from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and Central America, I intreresado in purchasing this toy, I would like to know the cost, size, and as I can do to acquire it.


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