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Arts Cuts mean Perplexus is In

Perplexus is almost as good as going to the theatreWith the recent news that 100% of all arts’ funding is being cut, funds that so many organisations and venues rely on so heavily to be able to produce the theatre, workshops, exhibitions and events that they work so hard to create, it seems they may be in some trouble. With no one really knowing what the future holds for these and many other institutes of training and education, it seems that we may have to begin making our own entertainment, instead of heading out for some free/cheap fun whenever we feel like it. And what better way to entertain ourselves than with Perplexus. Although it might not quite be like a proper trip to see The Lion King or similar, Perplexus still allows you to put on a show with your competitiveness, involve other people in the problem solving (a bit like audience participation), and have loads of fun on the cheap, all at the same time.
If you’d like to share the ways in which you’ll be making the most of your free time in the age where money is scarce, or would like to get a Perplexus delivered to you, your family and/or friends for a very reasonable price, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to assist you.

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