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Avoid Awkward Situations with Perplexus

have perplexus on hand for unwanted tea timesWe’ve all been there at one point or another; you’re put in the terrible position of having to meet/socialise with one of the following groups of people: parents/distant relatives/the extremely strong-looking brother of your significant other, a long lost aunt that you haven’t seen since you were three months old, someone you just don’t like….you get the idea. It may be that the meeting has been arranged prior to their visit, or that they’ve decided to just pop in for a surprise cup of tea. Brilliant. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we believe that the Perplexus team can help. Having a fantastically addictive, portable, held-held game on hand whenever an emergency such this should arise, can be very useful indeed. Simply distract your visitors by offering them a chance to have a go at completing several of the Perplexus levels (which may take quite some time; the entire duration of their visit, perhaps), and then sitting back and enjoying the peace and quiet. No worries if you also have a large group to entertain, as they can work on solving the puzzle together.
To share any more brilliant uses you may have found for Perplexus, please do get in touch, and share your great wisdom with other fans across the world. We thank you in advance.

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