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Battery Free Games

If you are looking for a battery free game for your child for Christmas – go with the Perplexus Maze Game.

You are swamped by present requests once again, but this time the Perplexus Maze Game gives you a unique opportunity – a battery free present! You have noticed already how hard it is to satisfy your children’s needs and how hard it is to channel their attention to something else than the TV and the computer. All your kids want these days are phones, computer games, Nintendo, your 5 year old even wants an iPad! This must make you feel quite frustrated and wondering what had happened with the traditional games and toys. You want to go on a road trip and your child is playing the computer game in the car. The battery runs off. Your kids are nervous, they want you to stop to the nearest gas station and get more batteries, or you need to keep the charger of the computer plugged in all the time. You can stop that madness. Now is the time to choose a battery free toy and show your kid that he can have fun without staring at the computer screen and the click of a mouse or a joystick. Give him the gift of Perplexus and make him experience the joy of this toy with a lasting play value. Your children will soon get addicted to it, for it is truly one of the best toys on the market that don’t need a USB port, any batteries or a charger. The Perplexus Maze Game relies simply on your kid’s power.


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  1. Darrell Johnson Darrell Johnson says:

    Have you ever seen someone do the first level of Perplexus backwards? I can do it:

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