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Beat Summer Cold Blues with Perplexus

perplexus and lemsip together are great for combating colds There is nothing that puts a dampener on summer more than the dreaded summer cold. During the season when we all want to be looking particularly gorgeous and glowing, a runny nose, losing one’s sense of taste and puffy eyes really don’t make life easy. If, like many others (including a couple here in the office) you’ve been struck down with a pesky cold or flu bug, then take comfort in the fact that Perplexus is here to make your days/nights pass in a flash, helping to combat the boredom with minimum physical exertion. We strongly suggest enlisting parents/significant others/housemates/next door neighbours (you get the picture) to wait on you hand and foot, fetching newspapers, magazines and cups of Lemsip and Earl Grey, and of course various hand-held toys for you to play with in your incapacitated state. Once you decide that you’d like a Perplexus to play with, you can even order one from the comfort of your own bed, and it’ll be dispatched the same working day from our offices. Now what could help you feel better more quickly than that?For more information on our products or service, please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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