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Brain Teasers for Pets?

train your dog without a PerplexusIt’s common knowledge that exercising your brain on a regular basis, with Sudoku, maybe the odd crossword, and having a go on the Perplexus, is good for us humans. It’s also common knowledge that pets are more and more frequently being treated like small children- indulged with the latest gourmet recipes and giving the latest toys to play with. At SuperZoo 2010, a convention for retailers of products for pampered pets, held recently at Mandalay Bay convention centre in Las Vegas, an astounding array of things-that-you-never-knew-you-needed-but-now-definitely-cannot-live-without were on offer. Fashionable coats to keep your doggy warm, nutritional supplements to keep your kitty healthy, and-this is the one we really love-a selection of toys to test the cognitive skills of an owner’s pooch. The idea behind the toy is that the dog learns to manipulate a set of puzzles, behind which are concealed treats, and upon solving them, gets rewarded. It all sounds rather bizarre to us.
If you’re after a Perplexus toy, we recommend you keep it within the human family, for your non-furry children/significant other to enjoy. To share any of your comments about how to train any brain-be it man or beast- or to get your hands on a Perplexus, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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