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Celebrities love Brian Training

Terry would love a go on PerplexusIt’s not only the little people that enjoy working their brains on a daily basis by playing on Perplexus or on their various hand-help consoles, oh no. This Christmas, a number of celebrities are fronting a new campaign for the Nintendo DS; household names who will be filmed enjoyed a number of different activities on the DS include Terry Wogan, Alexandra Burke and uber-boy band JLS, whilst Dame Helen Mirren will join longstanding Nintendo endorser Louise Rednapp, as the ladies work on the Wii Fit. The idea behind recruiting some of our idols is that the public will realise the wide appeal of the product….and thus dig deep and buy one. This announcement comes just after the company got Jonathan Ross and Sir Patrick Moore, amongst others, to chat favourably about the re-launch of the Mario Brothers game.
If you think you’d be suitable for acting as the new, fresh face of Perplexus in a new blog campaign, someone who represents the irresistible and addictive nature of this great toy for all ages, why not send us your photo, perhaps an image of you enjoying playing on the Perplexus with your family and friends? Who knows, you too could become a celebrity this festive season.

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