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Get Nimble Fingers with Perplexus

perplexus will help you make paper sheepBy now, we think we’re all well aware of the many benefits having a Perplexus can bring; reasoning and visual logic practice, training one’s brain to problem-solve and work quickly, meaning that our minds are worked hard everyday, even when it feels like we’re playing. Not forgetting, of course, the social advantages; one becomes instantly more cool, suave and attractive when seen with such an innovative and exciting accessory (may not be true). We have recently been thinking about something else that Perplexus gives us, which helps with another new hobby we’ve developed. Having completed all of the levels, and competed against friends and family, our fingers are now extremely fast-moving yet delicate in their execution of tasks, perfect for….creating mechanical toys out of cardboard. Yes folks, our rainy-day activities are fast expanding owing to the pants summer weather this year, and Spooner’s book of Moving Animals has brought us hours of fun and satisfaction, if not the odd bit of frustration. Just like our beloved Perplexus, it’s really great when you get it right, completely addictive, and there’s no stopping until it’s completed.
If you’ve got another unusual hobby that you’d like to tell us about, and maybe part of your ‘training’ for your chosen activity has been playing on Perplexus, then please do get in touch- we always love to hear your stories!

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