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Great Puzzles of our time, part 2

Following the success of last week’s puzzler blog, and the debates that ensued afterwards, we’re delighted to bring you another brain teaser/big question that will get the cogs of your mind turning, just like our beloved Perplexus. This instalment may be of greater interest than the last, particularly to those who concern themselves with confectionary items, and get quite upset when lines are discontinued. On this note, we ask you, beloved Perplexus blog reader, and anyone of influence at Cadbury’s, why is our favourite Time Out so difficult to find in shops these days? As far as we’re concerned, everything about this delicious treat is right: you can nibble the outside chocolate coating off, or even bite each end and suck your tea through it, leaving a delicious melty, gooey centre. And it’s perfect snack size, so practically guilt free.
We really cannot see an answer to this particular puzzle, and so we need your help. If you know any reason for this travesty (we do not feel that we are exaggerating on this particular occasion), please get in touch as soon as possible, and hopefully we can start finding some solutions to this disaster. Of course, if you’d just like to know about our products or our service, please do give us a call, and one of our friendly team will be on hand to help.

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