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Introducing the Rookie

The Perplexus Maze Game has a lot of fans already, but since we have different options of our game, you might want to get familiar with all of your choices before you decide which one you will buy.

The Perplexus Rookie Game is more refined than the Original version, but is it also easier than it. If you have already played with the Original version, the Rookie will be fairly easy for you to finish. The Rookie game is perfect for someone who has not played a Perplexus game yet. The rails of the obstacles are wider and thicker, which makes it easy to overcome. There are 70 Rookie obstacles. The Rookie maze has dense track layout and bold number of markings. There are new tube, slope and step obstacles incorporated in the game. The Rookie has only one start point and the end point is very well defined as well. This games diameter is 160 mm and 170 at its equator. . This means this game is slightly smaller than the Original for example. But the weight distribution in terms of how the sphere rotates is better. It is designed so it can rotate more evenly. Another advantage of the Rookie is that there are no watermarks on the clear sphere. The Rookie has a new and bold colour scheme and is very sturdy.

If you are about to get the Perplexus Maze Game as a present to someone special, consider you have different types of the game sand choose wisely.


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