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iPhone Apps to Help your Perplexus Playing

the iPhone can help your perplexus gameAround the world, everyone has gone crazy for the iPhone. Not only does it mean that you can be in touch with everyone, anywhere, via email or Skype or any other preferred method of contact, but you can also play loads of wicked games on it to keep yourself occupied whilst getting from A to B. Some of these games/apps are of course a complete waste of time, but after extensive research conducted by the Perplexus team, we’ve come up with a few that will enhance your Perplexus technique, thus allowing you to show friends and family how infinitely superior you are. Here are some we think you should definitely try:
Rock Band: Even though we’ve only got the free version, we’ve been practicing our hand eye-coordination almost every day, as we attempt to make music by pressing various buttons. Incredibly addictive, and definitely educational.
FS5 Hockey: A sporty theme this time, and a chance to push those reflexes to the limit, as you battle to keep the hockey puck out of your own goal. A game for the quick-minded.
iBasket: Another sports-related app, although this time you must use precise movements to aim the basketball into the basket, in order to score lots of points; a bit like the Perplexus in terms of having to get round objects in small spaces.
If you’ve got any other particularly fantastic apps that you think we should know about, please do get in touch and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

One Response to iPhone Apps to Help your Perplexus Playing

  1. Eric ward Eric ward says:

    We use perplexus in our kids area at church and the kids think a perplexus app is long overdue. It could function mainly by tilting the device and could be further rotated by sliding the screen.

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