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Justin Bieber loves Puzzler Toys

Justin would love PerplexusIt seems that even as times change, and the age of electronic gaming, mobile phone apps and everything being possible with the use of a small screened device, the younger generation are not letting the joy of classic toys pass them by. Justin Bieber, teen singing sensation and all-round babe (quote Emily, aged 11), told the Guardian that he’s a bit of a whizz on the Rubik’s cube, the puzzle that has stumped adults and children alike for decades. As far as we’re concerned, aged 16 and obviously keen for some brain teaser fun, Bieber may be the perfect candidate to represent Perplexus, allowing its brilliance to be accessible to people all over the world. That is, if he can master all of the Perplexus levels.…Maybe we’ll have a chat with his people about that.
If you think that you can recommend an alternative Perplexus ambassador (this may be yourself, if you’re simply brilliant at beating all your friends and family whilst playing the different levels), then please do let us know. Or, if you can let us know a good way of getting in touch with Mr Bieber, that’d be great too. We look forward to hearing all your suggestions…

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