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Perfect Play Date with Perplexus

The Perplexus Puzzle is going to be your magic trick when it comes to play dates. Everyone needs them and everyone has to organize one. If you

Playdate with Perlexus

Playdate with Perlexus

 have small children, you definitely know what we are talking about. People with kids are trying to befriend other people with kids. Not only will they understand each other’s problems, but they can also organize those lifesaving play dates from time to time. The good thing about play dates is that you do not have to pay a babysitter and you actually leave your kids with a family friend who also has kids – you save money and can feel secure knowing these people know exactly what to do in case of emergency. After all, they have kids too. The other side of the coin is this – screaming kids, running around the house, looking for a new adventure, looking for something to break, and looking for the next interesting thing. Sure, you can play games with them for a while, but then you will need to cook something or run some house chores. Perplexus can be your magic trick when you want them to cool down for a while and just sit still for a period of time, this game will engage them instantly and they will be so caught up in it, they won’t even feel how an hour has passed.

Check out our website and order a Perplexus Puzzle today – you can thank us later.


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