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Perplexus and the Micro Pig

Perplexus is better than a MicropigBefore we begin this blog, there are some things you should know about us:
1) We’re suckers for things in miniature (such as the easily portable Perplexus game)
2) We love cute things that bring the family together (again, just like your favourite game puzzle)
3) We enjoying indulging in new and exciting fads.
All of these facts add up to some of the reasons why the Perplexus team have fallen in love with the MicroPig- basically, your favourite oinky animal but littler. All its cute features are perfectly formed, just smaller, and they really don’t take up much room. We just now need to persuade our mums to let us have them in the house.
Of course, for those mums who don’t have endless hours in the day to stay at home and make sure Pork Chops (what do you think of that for a name?) behaves him/herself, there are other ways to appease your children, with something that makes less noise, less mess, and only moves when you desire it to. And it’s still small and transportable, and fun for lots of people at once. Perplexus is the perfect way to bribe your children out of wanting a novelty pet, and we can (almost) guarantee that the interest in this one will last much longer than you expect. So for all your pet needs, just get in touch, and we’ll be able to arrange to get a Perplexus straight out to you.

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