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Perplexus and Toy Story 3

The phenomenon of the summer, the filmic event of the year, has finally arrived. Children and adults alike have been talking about it for months, in a frenzy of electric anticipation…that’s right, dear reader, Toy Story 3 has finally reached UK cinemas, and it truly is a treat to behold. For many, this film is a cutesy tale of talking cowboys, and plastic men who really believe they’re from space and are on earth to save its inhabitants from certain death. For us here at Perplexus HQ, it’s about much more- the love that a child has for his toys, and how we adults may not realise how much they mean to one young person. It’s about appreciating a toy for its beauty and glory, however old and worn it may seem to the outside observer, which is an ethos we also carry within our company.
If you want to treat a child (or adult) you know to a really special toy, either for a significant birthday, Christmas, or for no particular reason at all, then do get in touch, and we’ll talk you through all your Perplexus purchasing and delivery options. We look forward to hearing from you.

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