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Perplexus celebrates Competitiveness in the Theatre

Let’s face it, part of the reason we love to play with our Perplexus is the joy of winning, completing levels, and generally getting better than all your friends and family, so you can gloat about your puzzle-solving skills. This competitive feeling is something we like to encourage and celebrate (as long as it remains friendly, of course), which is why we’re delighted that this September, a theatre piece all about the joys of winning and the pitfalls of losing, is coming to one of the quirkiest and most interesting performance venues in London, Theatre Delicatessen. “The Bullpen” is based on the idea of cut-throat environment and atmosphere of the stock market bullpen, and audience members will be involving themselves in a number of games and challenges, to find out whether they really are true winners, or simply bog-standard losers.
At the time of writing, Lab Theatre Collective, the production company, along with the talented young cast, are still in the process of devising and perfecting the material, although we are wondering whether to suggest they include an activity which involves solving a Perplexus….it’s fun, challenging and absorbing, everything that a theatre piece should be.
If you’d like more information about Perplexus, or have seen a different theatre show that you’d like to recommend to other readers, please do get in touch, or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog.

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