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Perplexus is Better than Addict-a-Ball

Perplexus always comes 1st placeBeing on top of the latest product news that here at Perplexus, we’re right knowledgeable about other things that are on the market, some which are similar to the great stuff we provide for our loving customers. In recent months you may have seen something called Addict-a-Ball, which looks remarkably similar to our own beloved
Perplexus. This week, we tell you why our product is better than the Addict-a-Ball toy:
– If Perplexus was not good-looking enough already for you, it now comes with a stand, so you can show your toy off to all your friends should you so desire. The Addict-a-ball has no such feature.
– Perplexus has lots of things that can help make the product easier to use for the player; with coloured numbers printed on the ‘hard to see’ tracks inside the ball, the player can still track their progress; this detail is left out on the Addict-a-ball.
– The globe of Perplexus is durable, making it long-lasting, and suitable for a variety of age ranges. The Addict-a-ball can be compressed, as the plastic it is constructed with is much more flimsy.
If you’d like any more information about our products, or have any questions about Perplexus and how it greatly rivals other toys and games, please do get in touch, and one of our team will happily help.

One Response to Perplexus is Better than Addict-a-Ball

  1. Andrea Mueller Andrea Mueller says:

    I would love to buy a couple of Perplexus ball puzzles but I can only find Addict a Ball available in Switzerland. Before I buy an Addict a Ball, I’d like to know for sure that Perplexus is not sold in Switzerland.

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