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Perplexus loves One Big Damn Puzzler

There’s tonnes of reasons we love puzzles here at Perplexus HQ; training our brains to think outside the box, to enjoy solving and working out, and relishing in the feeling of achievement that comes from it all. We’ve recently discovered a book all about solving a rather large puzzle, of sorts, as natives of an island in the South Pacific come across a copy of Hamlet, written by our beloved Will Shakespeare, and attempt to translate it into a dialect that they are familiar with. “One Big Damn Puzzler” is exactly what it is for the islanders, and for William Hardt, the sort of anti-hero in the story, who arrives on the island with the hope of educating its people and bringing their lives up date, with the wonderful/horrific advances of the Western world.
We never like to spoil surprises, or keep you from reading great literary works for yourself- just look how you’re expanding your mind right this minute by absorbing our wise words in the Perplexus blog- so we recommend finding a copy of John Harding’s novel, right away. If you’re looking for something to entertain you in the mean time, why no give us a call and find out just how a Perplexus can keep you occupied for hours on end, and can be easily carried onto public transport, just like your fave paperback. Just give us a call today- one of our team is on hand, waiting to hear from you!

One Response to Perplexus loves One Big Damn Puzzler

  1. Chris Chris says:

    It is a fun puzzle to play with. I have not completed the epic perplexus yet. Here are some of my own Perplexus statistics albeit small.

    I have found that when I am tired I have trouble getting past level 4 (I keep falling off the teeter totter at the end. When I’m in a rush and just want to see how far and fast I can get I uncannily have fallen off just before 15. The stairwell at 18 I have fallen off a couple of times in my many times of playing but it is no longer a challenge it is quite easy. Level 20 used to be a tricky spot for me until I found the trick. The levels that are like 22 (if you aren’t paying attention- or you’re at a low concentration level or high stress) you will fall off. level 30 can be tricky I’ve fallen a couple there too. I have made it to practice levelA only twice so far since dec25,2011 (I’ve played it less than 100 times and more than 30 times for sure but can’t be exact) – So far the highest I’ve ever made it to was level 62 before loosing concentration.

    Once you are familiar with the puzzle it is a good measure of your stress level. If your stress level is high or concentration level is low you will most likely fall off at your popular fall off points.

    In any case, keep your mind sharp and happy Perplexing.

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