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Perplexus makes intelligent children: part 1

Throughout history, there have been exceptional children, those who have constantly exceeded expectations and broken various records in their specialist fields. As we all know, perplexus can train all the family’s brains, and get them well on the way to becoming geniuses themselves (N.B. This is not guaranteed), and so it seems only appropriate for us to take a look at a couple of these special youngsters in our very own blog series. This week, we bring you Wolfgang Mozart…
Born in 1756, to Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart, Wolfgang spent his childhood in Salzburg, Austria, with one sister, Anna Maria, the only sibling to survive past birth. His passion for music grew as he watched Anna Maria, four years Wolfgang’s senior, learn the keyboard with their father. She recounts that he stood, looking intently at the keys and music, and when he was asked to play any piece back to them, he did so with incredible accuracy and sensitivity. By the age of five, he was composing short pieces, for which his father acted as scribe, noting the music down on the stave.
So, if you’re keen on training your little darlings to think well and practice their logic, hand-eye coordination and team-work skills, invest in a perplexus puzzle, and we can (almost) guarantee that you’ll get their brains working in wondrous ways in no time at all.

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