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Perplexus makes intelligent children: part 2

Being keen on helping children (and adults, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun) use their brains, even during play, and helping develop logic and improve hand-eye coordination, is what keeps us keen and passionate about perplexus. It’s why we sell it and believe in it, and, in particular, love thinking about really clever people throughout history, and thinking that we could be just like them- if we keep practicing with the perplexus. So, following last week’s blog all about Wolfgang Mozart, this instalment celebrates the super-skilled chess player, Paul Morphy.
Born in 1837, to wealthy parents in beautiful New Orleans, Morphy is considered one of the first great masters of this tricky tactical board game. According his uncle Earnest, no one in the family actually taught the young Paul to play; he instead picked up all his understanding of the game from watching others in competition. It seemed like a miracle when his talent was discovered, as no one was even aware of his observation. Morphy is now considered one of the greatest chess players of his era, and has been dubbed an “Unofficial world chess champion”.
If you’re keen on getting yourself and your family up with the super-thinkers of the past and present, simply give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll be able to get one of our wonderful perplexus toys out to you.

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