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Perplexus Relives the 90s: Challenge the Team

try and puzzle the perplexus teamHaving completed a number of blogs over the past few weeks, we’re proud to think that you’ve had a chance to ponder over some of life’s trickiest trivia; to relive a few of our favourite questions that came up, you may now know what exactly a red velvet is, and how many people are on Facebook. You can now impress your chums with the knowledge of how many cats were employed by IKEA at one point…you get the idea. Now, we think it’s your turn. If you think you can really puzzle your other readers, and indeed the extremely talented and Perplexus– enhanced brains of the staff, then bring it on. Just send your questions into us, and who knows, they may even be published in one of our blogs; if they’re that good, we don’t want to keep them to ourselves! So come on readers, get your questions in (without the answers, that would defeat the point somewhat). Or, you can also write in if you’d like us to send you a Perplexus– we’d be more than delighted to do so.
Answers from last week:
1) Lisbeth Salander
2) About 6 hours
3) Yesterday
4) A Vietnamese hat
5) Canada

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