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Perplexus Relives the 90s: Dave’s questions

Perplexus ponders facebook usageFollowing last week’s blog, in which we published a few brain teasing questions, that were thought up by our Rob, which might help get your mind in gear before you tackle your Perplexus, relive the old days when SM:TV was something we all watched….and also that we think are just fun trivia to impress your friends and family with, this week it’s Dave turn to challenge you. We hope you enjoy!
1) What colour is Boris’ Cycle Superhighway?
2) How many different members have there been of the Sugababes?
3) How many minutes per year do people around the world spend on Facebook?
4) Where is the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition held?
5) What is a Red Velvet a type of?
And of course, in case you were still strguggling with finding them, the answers from last week:
1) The tongue
2) 100
3) Apples
4) 21st April
5) 100
For even more Perplexus fun, why not get in touch and challenge our staff with your own tricky questions? We should warn you though, our brains are extremely logical/extensively trained. You have been warned.

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