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Perplexus Relives the 90s: Rob’s questions

The Perplexus team know how many cats were in IKEAThis week in the Perplexus office, we’ve been reliving the good old days. By this, we mean the 90s, when Saturday morning television was of a certain quality, and everywhere you turned, there were Ant, Dec and Cat Deely. Many good times were had. As we discussed the phenomenon that was SM:TV Live, we remembered the brilliant games and challenges that were set for members of the public: Wonky Donkey, the Pokémon draw-off, and, everyone’s fave, Challenge Ant. In honour of this fantastic part of the show, we’ve decided to create a new 3-part blog, dedicated to asking you, the reader, questions that we think you might not know the answers to. If you do, then you can feel very pleased with yourself. First up, it’s Rob thinking up some brain teasers (answers will be in next week’s blog):
1) What is the strongest muscle in the body?
2) How many cats were released in an IKEA store in aid of filming a recent advert?
3) What food is most helpful for waking up the morning?
4) When is the Queen’s birthday?
5) How many stages are there in Perplexus?
For more brain teasing fun, please do get in touch, and one of our team will be on hand to help you get your mits on one of our great toys. We look forward to hearing from you!

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