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Perplexus Riddles

We love riddles here at PerplexusThe riddle. It’s an age old way of getting all your friends and family utterly confused and frustrated at not being able to figure out what you know to be a completely logical and easily-solvable puzzle. In honour of this, we thought it was high time the Perplexus team gave you a few of our favourite that you might like to try our on your nearest and dearest, and see then squirm as they try to think it through:
Riddle 1: Johnny’s mum has four children. The first is called April, the second May, and the third is June. What is the name of her fourth?
Answer: Johnny…
Riddle 2: A plane crashes, and every single person survives, yet there were two survivors. How is this possible?
Answer: They’re married.
Riddle 3: Imagine you’re in a rowing boat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?
Answer: Stop imagining. Simple as that.
If you’ve got any great riddles you think we should hear, to pass judgement on how you’ve fared with telling our suggestions to your nearest and dearest, or to purchase a Perplexus for someone you love, please get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to help.

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