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Perplexus Suggests some Great Brain Food

Sprouts will improve your Perplexus techniqueAs we all know by now, there are several ways in which you may care to train your brain for the trials and tribulations it may face on a daily basis. Some of these may be frantically counting your change as people behind you huff impatiently, working out how far to turn the wheel when parallel parking, and, of course, having a go at completing a couple of Perplexus levels during the evening, and starting at the beginning again when you complete the puzzle. We also all know that a healthy diet can help us think better, so this week we’re giving you a few tips on foods that will help your noggin to function.
Foods high in protein and/or vitamins are great for your brain and your body. Tuck in to lettuce, spinach (great with the added iron as well), peas, Brussels sprouts and cheese can also aid concentration. Slow-burning energy foods like oats, potatoes, and chicken, along with super foods avocado and soy beans are also good for you.
There are also certain things you should avoid if you want to get really expert at Perplexus, such as white bread, and foods that contain artificial colours and sweeteners. These will burn quickly, leaving you feel deflated.
If you’d like to share your own nutrition tips with us, please do get in touch-we always love to hear from you!

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