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Perplexus vs. the World Cup

Not everyone loves football, and at the moment, there seems to be no escaping it. It’s on television constantly, and in the rare moments that it’s not, we’re bombarded with reminders, in adverts, trailers and highlight snippets. But, if you’re more interested in settling down with your Perplexus and having a good old brain challenge, you’re not alone. This week, we bring you some of the reasons that our beloved brain trainer is better than watching the footie:
If you yell at your Perplexus, you look less silly (perhaps) than if you’re yelling at a bunch of guys who are thousands of miles away.
Perplexus doesn’t miss penalties, and then make you want to cry because your country will never win an international football tournament ever again (open for discussion).
Perplexus doesn’t make everyone completely anti-social/obsessed with one thing for weeks on end, even though it is quite addictive…
There is no agonising over the reasons that you didn’t get to the next level of Perplexus at the crucial moment, or wondering why a perfect chance just couldn’t have been grabbed. You can have a go again tomorrow.
If you have any other great reasons why you’re rather sit down and play with your Perplexus than watch England get as far as the quarter finals, then please do get in touch- we always love to hear from you!

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