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Relieve Exam Stress with Perplexus

give your kids a break with perplexusAs the new school year gets into full swing, thousands of young people up and down the country are embarking on the beginning of a new journey in their lives- preparing for exams. Whether they’re working towards the common entrance, or beginning their GCSEs, the pressure that children are put under by schools can be enormous. In order to perform to their maximum potential, it’s important to allow regular breaks and schedule time for recreation, in order to reward their hard work and commitment. This time, of course, can be spent however your little ones so choose, so why not give them the option of challenging themselves with an exciting and engaging toy such as the Perplexus? It’ll get them thinking about something other than school work, can invite opportunity to engage with others as they solve the puzzle as a team….the only thing we can’t help with is tearing them away once it’s time to hit the books again.
For more information about the Perplexus, or to share your own great tips on encouraging your children to study hard/incentives you offer them, please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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