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The Perplexus Epic Game

Are you familiar with the Perplexus Epic Game? If you are, then you probably know why it is already sold out in the stores – the game is simply enchanting! It is so fun and so challenging, that people just cannot get enough of it. The Epic game is a lot more complicated than the Original one. If you want to buy this game for your children, take that into consideration – they have to be familiar with the original first, so that they can overcome the challenges of this one. But you can get if for yourself, because this is not a game for kids only. Adults are in love with it too. The best part is that there is no electronics incorporated in it. It is simply mechanical and the fact that it is easily portable makes it a great game for a family get together, outdoor picnics and other events. The Epic game has 125 barriers. This fact only should get you excited. That means hours of fun and a lot of hurdles to overcome. Every time you overcome the hurdle you will feel a little excitement – that means at least 125 times! Plus, the game is extremely durable. The Epic Maze is designed in cool white, blue and silver colours.

If you are looking for the next big thing – the Epic Game is its name – buy a Perplexus puzzle today and enjoy countless hours of great entertainment.


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  1. Teresa de Villiers Teresa de Villiers says:

    Where can I buy a Perplexus Epic, please (not amazon where it is currently priced at £49.99!!!).


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