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The Perplexus Receives rave reviews

There’s nothing quite like hearing a product that you supply getting rave reviews on the web, particularly when said reviews are so complementary and state just how people have been converted into puzzle addicts. We read one such blog just the other day, and had to give our new chum ‘Red Dave’ a mention (hello to you Dave, if you’re reading this. Now you’re famous in the Perplexus world, hurrah!). In his lovely contribution to web content, Dave shares a number of things with us, including how his own lovely wife, previously apposed to puzzles and games such as this, now cannot get enough of it, and he’s even struggling to be allowed a go, even for a few precious minutes. Not only this, but he compares completing the puzzle to meditation or something equally relaxing and spiritually enhancing. We’d have to agree with you there, Dave, as any time we play on our Perplexus, we definitely feel more fulfilled. Reading on, it sounds like our Dave knows what he’s on about when it comes to puzzling things over, and, like any great critic, he doesn’t let anything slide that doesn’t quite work for him; if he had his way, the Perplexus would be made of wood, although this would be pretty tricky and make it much less durable. the biggest compliment of all, we feel, is that Dave said he thinks this product is the best design since the Rubik‚Äôs cube- now what more could we ask for?!
If you’d like to get your hands on one of our addictive balls of fun, then do get in touch and we’ll send one out to you right away. Or, if you’re a friend of Red Dave, maybe just let him know that we’d love to meet him one day, and he can pop into the office any time for tea and biscuits.

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