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Toys will not come with Fast Food Meals

have your say about happy meals on the perplexus blogThe proposal for the removal of children’s toys from all McDonalds’ Happy Meals in San Francisco has now been revised to include all breakfast meals too, unless the nutritional value of the food in kids’ meals is improved to comply with national guidelines. The changed proposal now also includes strict guidelines as to the maximum number of calories and amount of salt used in the food, as well as the requirement that any bread used in the meals must be made with at least 50% whole wheat.
A hearing on the matter drew a number of comments from both McDonald’s- who strongly disagreed with the move to change Happy Meals as a way of fighting childhood obesity- and San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors’ Land Use and Economic Development Committee, who are backed up by non-profit organisation
Corporate Accountability International in blasting fast food giants for luring children in with gimmicky toys and presents that come with an unhealthy diet.
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