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Take a Break with Perplexus

The Perplexus will be able to not only relax but keep your mind active while at work. Have you found yourself staring at the computer screen lost in your thoughts and not able to get anything done? Surely we’ve all been there. This usually means that you need to take a break and step away […]

Taking it to the Beach

With summer winding down surely you are taking every possible moment to enjoy your summer vacation at the beach, which means, don’t forget your Perplexus Puzzle! Whether you are enjoy a lovely beach day on your own or are with the family, surely eventually the Sudoku or that book you are reading will get tiring. […]

Awards Awards Awards

The Parent Tested Approved Media gave the Seal of Approval to the Perplexus Game “Epic” recently. Our wall of rewards and certificates is getting full. We are always proud to report another award that this amazing game has won and are more that pleased to have the opportunity to present this game on this market. […]

The Perplexus Epic Game

Are you familiar with the Perplexus Epic Game? If you are, then you probably know why it is already sold out in the stores – the game is simply enchanting! It is so fun and so challenging, that people just cannot get enough of it. The Epic game is a lot more complicated than the […]

Perplexus and the Micro Pig

Before we begin this blog, there are some things you should know about us: 1) We’re suckers for things in miniature (such as the easily portable Perplexus game) 2) We love cute things that bring the family together (again, just like your favourite game puzzle) 3) We enjoying indulging in new and exciting fads. All […]

Perplexus Brings Back the Live Interaction for Kids

Are you tired of watching your kid in front of the computer screen playing games? Perplexus can break the habit. Many parents are complaining in the resent years that their kids are spending too much time playing computer games. They all wonder where the good old days have gone when live interaction between kids was […]

Perplexus Relives the 90s: Challenge the Team

Having completed a number of blogs over the past few weeks, we’re proud to think that you’ve had a chance to ponder over some of life’s trickiest trivia; to relive a few of our favourite questions that came up, you may now know what exactly a red velvet is, and how many people are on […]

Perplexus Relives the 90s: Sophie’s questions

We are sad to announce, dear readers, that this week is the final instalment of our Perplexus challenge, which we hope you have found to be incredibly similar to the popular 90s game show, Challenge Ant. As we have taken ourselves back to a time and age where it was cool to arise at 6am […]

Perplexus Relives the 90s: Dave’s questions

Following last week’s blog, in which we published a few brain teasing questions, that were thought up by our Rob, which might help get your mind in gear before you tackle your Perplexus, relive the old days when SM:TV was something we all watched….and also that we think are just fun trivia to impress your […]

Perplexus Relives the 90s: Rob’s questions

This week in the Perplexus office, we’ve been reliving the good old days. By this, we mean the 90s, when Saturday morning television was of a certain quality, and everywhere you turned, there were Ant, Dec and Cat Deely. Many good times were had. As we discussed the phenomenon that was SM:TV Live, we remembered […]