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Perplexus Brings Back the Live Interaction for Kids

Are you tired of watching your kid in front of the computer screen playing games? Perplexus can break the habit. Many parents are complaining in the resent years that their kids are spending too much time playing computer games. They all wonder where the good old days have gone when live interaction between kids was […]

Relieve Exam Stress with Perplexus

As the new school year gets into full swing, thousands of young people up and down the country are embarking on the beginning of a new journey in their lives- preparing for exams. Whether they’re working towards the common entrance, or beginning their GCSEs, the pressure that children are put under by schools can be […]

An Interview with the Perplexus Inventor

There must be something pretty special about a man who can come up with a toy that appeals to so many age groups, that is durable and visually stimulating as well as completely addictive. Well, dear readers, we can think of one such man with no problems at all, and that man is the one […]

Beat Summer Cold Blues with Perplexus

There is nothing that puts a dampener on summer more than the dreaded summer cold. During the season when we all want to be looking particularly gorgeous and glowing, a runny nose, losing one’s sense of taste and puffy eyes really don’t make life easy. If, like many others (including a couple here in the […]

Better car journeys with Perplexus

It’s a scenario we all find ourselves in, sometimes it feels like too often, and it’s pretty much inescapable. You’re off to see the Grandparents/for a country walk/to Legoland for the day, and all that stands between your family and the prospect of a thrilling time is the dreaded car journey that you’ll have to […]

Perplexus makes intelligent children: part 2

Being keen on helping children (and adults, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun) use their brains, even during play, and helping develop logic and improve hand-eye coordination, is what keeps us keen and passionate about perplexus. It’s why we sell it and believe in it, and, in particular, love thinking about […]

Perplexus word search

We all love the perplexus, and the ways in which it helps our brains work that little bit harder/helps us to think that little bit more, even during recreation. In celebration of this, we’ve devised another great way to get those brain cells working- everybody’s favourite quick activity: the word search! So sit back and […]

Perplexus and ways to train your Brain

Of course we’re all aware by now that Perplexus is a great way to get those brain cells fired up and ready for action, getting those thinking caps on and warmed up for the day ahead- all within a fun, interactive and educational hand-held device. As much as all this is true, we can never rely […]