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Battery Free Games

If you are looking for a battery free game for your child for Christmas – go with the Perplexus Maze Game. You are swamped by present requests once again, but this time the Perplexus Maze Game gives you a unique opportunity – a battery free present! You have noticed already how hard it is to […]

Stock up Early On Christmas Toys

Perplexus Maze Game is what you have to buy now, a few weeks before Christmas, and you will be done with the holiday toy shopping. At this holiday kids are expecting presents the most. They are waiting all year around for the surprises Santa has prepared for them. If you think about it, you will […]

Halloween Fun with Perplexus Maze Game

Getting a headache from the kids running around during your Halloween party? We have the perfect solution, a Perplexus Maze Game competition. Whether you have an adult Halloween party or an entirely children’s gathering, there are always kids around. It gets hard to control them with all the candy in their systems and excitement around […]

Christmas Shopping In July

The Perplexus Maze Game is the perfect gift for Christmas. You might be a little surprised that we talk about Christmas in the middle of the summer, but just think about it. Aren’t you frustrated every time Christmas approaches and you realize you have to do all your holiday shopping then, when all the sores […]

Introducing the Rookie

The Perplexus Maze Game has a lot of fans already, but since we have different options of our game, you might want to get familiar with all of your choices before you decide which one you will buy. The Perplexus Rookie Game is more refined than the Original version, but is it also easier than […]

Perplexus Maze Game Fights Off Stress

Do you find that a friend or a family member is stressed out – give him our Perplexus Maze Game. April is the stress awareness month and it is time you look around you and acknowledge all these stress factors in your life. You may not fully understand that yet, but stress is responsible for […]