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Halloween Fun with Perplexus Maze Game

Getting a headache from the kids running around during your Halloween party? We have the perfect solution, a Perplexus Maze Game competition. Whether you have an adult Halloween party or an entirely children’s gathering, there are always kids around. It gets hard to control them with all the candy in their systems and excitement around […]

Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine Names Top Toys

Perplexus is proud to announce that Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine has named its Top Toys and our Rookie and Epic games have made the top 3! This is one of the most influential toy awards in the industry and with 300 other toy competitors we are very pleased with the outcome. Special family toy testers go […]

Take a Break with Perplexus

The Perplexus will be able to not only relax but keep your mind active while at work. Have you found yourself staring at the computer screen lost in your thoughts and not able to get anything done? Surely we’ve all been there. This usually means that you need to take a break and step away […]

Taking it to the Beach

With summer winding down surely you are taking every possible moment to enjoy your summer vacation at the beach, which means, don’t forget your Perplexus Puzzle! Whether you are enjoy a lovely beach day on your own or are with the family, surely eventually the Sudoku or that book you are reading will get tiring. […]

Awards Awards Awards

The Parent Tested Approved Media gave the Seal of Approval to the Perplexus Game “Epic” recently. Our wall of rewards and certificates is getting full. We are always proud to report another award that this amazing game has won and are more that pleased to have the opportunity to present this game on this market. […]

Introducing the Rookie

The Perplexus Maze Game has a lot of fans already, but since we have different options of our game, you might want to get familiar with all of your choices before you decide which one you will buy. The Perplexus Rookie Game is more refined than the Original version, but is it also easier than […]

The Perplexus Epic Game

Are you familiar with the Perplexus Epic Game? If you are, then you probably know why it is already sold out in the stores – the game is simply enchanting! It is so fun and so challenging, that people just cannot get enough of it. The Epic game is a lot more complicated than the […]

Addicted to the Ball

The Perplexus game is so fun and engaging that for some it has become an addiction. But this is in a good sense of the addiction. The game is  extremely challenging and can develop your motor skills. It teaches you patience and persistence as well. The fun fact about the game is that kids and […]

Customers Feedback on the Perplexus Puzzle

We are very happy that our Perplexus Puzzle is a huge success and people are loving it. Our product has received many awards, but there is nothing better than the direct testimonials from our customers. We have uploaded some of them in our website for others to see, because we want to show people what […]

Perplexus Riddles

The riddle. It’s an age old way of getting all your friends and family utterly confused and frustrated at not being able to figure out what you know to be a completely logical and easily-solvable puzzle. In honour of this, we thought it was high time the Perplexus team gave you a few of our […]