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Take a Break with Perplexus

The Perplexus will be able to not only relax but keep your mind active while at work. Have you found yourself staring at the computer screen lost in your thoughts and not able to get anything done? Surely we’ve all been there. This usually means that you need to take a break and step away […]

Avoid Awkward Situations with Perplexus

We’ve all been there at one point or another; you’re put in the terrible position of having to meet/socialise with one of the following groups of people: parents/distant relatives/the extremely strong-looking brother of your significant other, a long lost aunt that you haven’t seen since you were three months old, someone you just don’t like….you […]

Perplexus helps Train Olympic Champions

It was not so long ago that the Perplexus team were delighted to hear that none other than teen singing sensation Justin Bieber was really keen on playing with puzzling games in his spare time, and thus, we speculated about whether he would like to represent us all over the world. We’re still waiting to […]

Team Building with Perplexus

There are lots of ways in which Perplexus can and should be enjoyed by people of all ages, and whoever they’re with- whether that means hanging with family or friends, or in the workplace. Team building or corporate training days are becoming increasingly popular all over the country, and are a chance for colleagues to […]

Perfect Play Date with Perplexus

The Perplexus Puzzle is going to be your magic trick when it comes to play dates. Everyone needs them and everyone has to organize one. If you  have small children, you definitely know what we are talking about. People with kids are trying to befriend other people with kids. Not only will they understand each […]

Perplexus Suggests some Great Brain Food

As we all know by now, there are several ways in which you may care to train your brain for the trials and tribulations it may face on a daily basis. Some of these may be frantically counting your change as people behind you huff impatiently, working out how far to turn the wheel when […]

Addicted to the Ball

The Perplexus game is so fun and engaging that for some it has become an addiction. But this is in a good sense of the addiction. The game is  extremely challenging and can develop your motor skills. It teaches you patience and persistence as well. The fun fact about the game is that kids and […]

Celebrities love Brian Training

It’s not only the little people that enjoy working their brains on a daily basis by playing on Perplexus or on their various hand-help consoles, oh no. This Christmas, a number of celebrities are fronting a new campaign for the Nintendo DS; household names who will be filmed enjoyed a number of different activities on […]

iPhone Apps to Help your Perplexus Playing

Around the world, everyone has gone crazy for the iPhone. Not only does it mean that you can be in touch with everyone, anywhere, via email or Skype or any other preferred method of contact, but you can also play loads of wicked games on it to keep yourself occupied whilst getting from A to […]

Perplexus Riddles

The riddle. It’s an age old way of getting all your friends and family utterly confused and frustrated at not being able to figure out what you know to be a completely logical and easily-solvable puzzle. In honour of this, we thought it was high time the Perplexus team gave you a few of our […]