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A Perplexus puzzle will keep you entertained and baffled for many hours. But have you ever wondered how far back in history our interest in puzzles goes? Mankind has been fascinated with puzzles of one type or another since ancient times. From the mythical character of Theseus finding his way through the maze to do […]

Stock up Early On Christmas Toys

Perplexus Maze Game is what you have to buy now, a few weeks before Christmas, and you will be done with the holiday toy shopping. At this holiday kids are expecting presents the most. They are waiting all year around for the surprises Santa has prepared for them. If you think about it, you will […]

Keep Kids Busy with Perplexus on Lord Mayor’s Day

The Perplexus is a great way to keep eager kids busy during the breaks and waits during the Lord Mayor’s Day. The events throughout the day have several breaks which may cause the kids to get cranky, impatient, and well, hard to keep in one place. With so many people around it is easy to […]

Perplexus Wins another Award

Perplexus is on the list of the 22 Best Toys for Kids list, published by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, or ASTRA. This rating was voted at the end of June. ASTRA representatives shared that publishing a list like that is of enormous help to parents and grandparents when they are choosing new toys […]

Introducing the Rookie

The Perplexus Maze Game has a lot of fans already, but since we have different options of our game, you might want to get familiar with all of your choices before you decide which one you will buy. The Perplexus Rookie Game is more refined than the Original version, but is it also easier than […]

The Perplexus Epic Game

Are you familiar with the Perplexus Epic Game? If you are, then you probably know why it is already sold out in the stores – the game is simply enchanting! It is so fun and so challenging, that people just cannot get enough of it. The Epic game is a lot more complicated than the […]