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The Perplexus Story | The Genius of Michael Mcginnis

Michael Mcginnis – The inventor of the Perplexus range of puzzles.

The concept behind PERPLEXUS was created by 3-D design teacher Michael McGinnis in the late 1970’s as a project for an art class. Michael envisioned turning his creation into a toy. He had no idea this vision would turn into a decades long odyssey to get the game to market.

After almost 20 years, Michael met the inventors at KID Group, one of the premier inventing houses in the toy industry. They collaborated on the design to make it more suitable for consumers. It was finally ready. The original product was marketed as Superplexus.

Through many twists and turns in the toy industry, Superplexus got tangled up in some changes and ended up being shelved just as it was getting started. But that isn’t the end of the story… In 2008, a group of enthusiasts contacted KID Group about licensing Superplexus. They acquired the rights to Superplexus and launched PERPLEXUS in its current form.

The Giant Superplexus

Michael McGinnis has created super-sized versions of his original creation that he calls Superplexus. The hand-made custom made sculptures are amazing and can be viewed at Please be sure to visit his site!